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Short story for children


No more cheese please!




This time the two hours ride by car to our holiday house seems to go as fast as -- I mean really fast! And do you know why? Well, our parents have told us that the Cornell's are coming. That means, the Cornell's parents, Max and Ernst plus their dog, Nickel. My sister is in year six, Ernst is in her class. Max is in year 4 and me, year 3.

Our holiday house is that big and has that many windows and doors. One room has 6 doors, awesome! From the cellar you can go 4 more levels and the attic is on three levels.

Now they are here. Nickel is barking and comes to lick my hands. 'Hi Max, hi Ernst'. Max is the cheeky one of the two. I give them a piece of paper with secret message on it. Then my sister and I go into hiding. The secret can be made easily visible by holding the paper over a burning candle. This way the written stuff comes out. This shows what you can do with lemon juice.

'☺find us☺if you can☺no Nickel! ☹' it says. Nickel's leash gets tied on the heavy bench.

Do you know how difficult it can be to play hide and seek in a place with so many doors, and staircases and not know the way around because you're new to the place?  Yes, we tricked them, all right. Girl power! We let them hunt for us for over an hour. Then mum calls out: 'dinner time'.  She sets Nickel free: 'Go and see if you can find them, Nickel!'


Of course he finds us.  For dinner we have cheese. The one that has an all mighty rind. The one you cut off before eating the cheese. Yummy sourdough bread, gurkins and lots of salad. Nickel gets to eat all the rind. We cut of more then we normally do. We want him to have a bit of cheese, too. For dessert we have apple tart and cream! Mum makes coffee for the grown-ups. All of a sudden she wants to know: ' who of you kids stepped into some doggy-doo-doo, it smells terrible?'

We look at our shoes. But just then Nickel farts, and that fart is full of smelling stinkiness. 'Goodness gracious,' says mum.  Us kids and the grown-ups as well skedaddle to get away from the source of stinkiness, that is Nickel, of course. But Nickel follows us, whilst all along farting. He thinks that this is great fun to run out of the house and around the house at least twice is something that a dog could get used to, after dinner. Then Max has the ultimate idea to get Nickel into an enclosed place.  The car, that is and does it as well.

And the moral of this story: No more cheese, for Nickel, please!




© Corinne Othenin-Girard, 2007

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