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Downright insolent


said a man - blatently

was on the next cafe table

can I noncommittally

give you my business card  

work with MS people


gobsmacked me somewhat irritated

have not got MS!

What then - I see that with your arm -

points on my right arm

tucking the wallet onto the belly


Now I'm really irritated

had a stroke!

He countered, that's just about the same thing

can I now so noncommittally …

me blazing up:  I don’t want it!


Make an effort


stumble silently over words

unabashed impertinent insolent

should have responded bluntly to this guy:


Can I give you my business card

I work with HS persons - HS? – helper syndrome – or -

you can stick your card somewhere else – and -

should I be in need of help

then I won’t go to any stray


©  Corinne Othenin-Girard   06.2016                       

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